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Experience turns hesitating clients to brand ambassadors of Ideal Homes

Our Experience with Ideal Homes

Mr. K.V.S. Raman

Resident, Villa No. 14, Ideal Homes
Ideal Homes Ideal Homes

"I made a lot of enquiries about the quality of life in flats and independent villas. I realized that the life in an independent villa is far more gratifying than the life in a flat. I have some friends who had opted for flats and now regret their decision. That is why I opted for an independent villa and my experience has proved my decision right. I feel that this place in Coimbatore is one of the most beautiful places for living. Especially because, I am leading a retired life in the company of friendly neighbours of similar status. I have five years of close association with the developers of Ideal Homes. They are always visible and accessible in any need. True to the claims of the Ideal people, the climate here is very salubrious. I totally enjoy the scenic mornings and evenings. The cool breeze here really rejuvenates me."

Mr. V.S. Subash

Director, JMACS Associates Pvt. Ltd.
Ideal Homes Ideal Homes

"I have seen people venturing into businesses of all colours and hues. Some business segments may be very risky but the returns are so tempting that people take the risk. Some business segments are not risky, but the returns are so low that investors are not interested. The only business segment that gives attractive returns without any risk is the real estate development sector, especially the premium villas sector. I advise those, who come to me for advice on profitable investments, to invest their hard-earned money in real estate sector. It is the only sector where I can assure my friends that their investment will not be washed away by some unexpected fluctuations in the market place."

Mr. Piyush K. Mathur

Managing Director, Mathur Corr-Tech Pvt. Ltd.
Ideal Homes Ideal Homes

"Vadavalli is a very beautiful area, which is most fitting for residential purposes. Plenty of people are enquiring about good residential facilities in Vadavalli, because they know that this place has better climatic conditions and is cool and green. As this area has been included recently in the corporation limits, improvements in infrastructural and other facilities are being carried out."

Dr. A. Baalakrishnan

Sr. Medical Officer, Corporation of Coimbatore
Ideal Homes Ideal Homes

"When I am here, in Ideal Home, I do not feel that I am in an industrially developed metropolis. Neither the air nor the water is polluted here. There are extensive orchards of coconut and arecanut palms all over the place with most of the roads lined with flowering trees. What a respite from the hustle and bustle of the dusty urban streets of the city. I really enjoy the tranquillity and serenity of this place. My villa is spacious and elegant and gives me all the privacy and freedom I want. The developers are quite reliable and friendly and always ready to hear me. They do the needful whenever I approach them and are concerned about my well-being."