Ideal Habitats Ideal Habitats

Satisfaction to customers, sustainability for stakeholders and least impact on the environment

Core Values

Right from its inception, Ideal Habitats (Coimbatore) Pvt. Ltd. has been holding fast to some core values that form the foundation of all its developmental work and guiding principles of all its corporate practices and dealings with the customers, the stakeholders, the associates and the society at large. These are:

Satisfying Customers

Customers deserve care and respect. Satisfying the customer is the end purpose of all business activities. Being transparent to the customer at every stage of the work will earn his confidence.

Fairness in all Deals

Always give due respect and make fair deals with all who associate or interact, including clients, authorities, employees, local people and even casual visitors. No one should have a complaint about the way in which a deal is processed or clinched.

Working as a Team

Every employee, including casual labourers, workers, supervisors and managerial staff, should feel that the Company is his/her own and any profit or loss to the Company will be his/her own gain or loss.

Society - Social Responsibility

The society that bears the brunt of developmental activities or profit-making enterprises deserves to be compensated in a fitting manner and the Company has the responsibility to do that in a manner that is positive, progressive, welfare-oriented and humanitarian.

Environmental Justice

Just like the society, the environment and the eco-system will be affected by any development work, despite all efforts to keep the impact minimal. Environmental justice demands that the damage be compensated through activities like tree planting and minimising the use of valuable natural resources through use of renewable energy sources.

Stakeholders - Sustainability

The stakeholders in any economic initiative will have the sustainability of the enterprise as their greatest concern. The management must formulate sustainability strategies from initial research and economical analysis to practical execution and post-execution stage.