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The cosmopolitan conglomeration of industrious, polite and tolerant people

People and Culture

According to Government Census of 2011 the total population in Vadavalli town is 39,873 of whom 19,936 are males and 19,937 are females living in 10,824 households. Of these, 32,687 are literate consisting of 16,885 males and 15,802 females. People of Vadavalli, as of other parts of Coimbatore, have a reputation for entrepreneurship and hard work in the agrarian and commercial activities.

The people of Vadavalli are predominantly Hindus and celebrate their festivals with much pomp and show. The Mariamman festival, at the city's numerous Amman temples, is a major celebration in summer. Hindu festivals of Pongal, Deepavali, Ayudha pooja, etc., are celebrated in a grand way. The traditional performing arts are organised as a part of the celebrations and people put on bright new clothes and women adorn themselves with flowers. Muslim, Christian, Jain and Sikh festivals are events of great celebration and people of different faiths intermingle in the celebrations.

The people of Vadavalli, as those of Coimbatore, are generally known for their civility, politeness, honesty and hospitality. The influx of people of various regions of India has made the population of Vadavalli, as in most areas of Coimbatore, multi-cultural and cosmopolitan. Though most of the local people still retain their rural flavour, with many restaurants serving food over a banana leaf, the culinary habits of the people are slowly undergoing a change with North Indian snacks and dishes becoming more and more available in hotels and wayside mobile eateries.

Likewise, the cultural mingling with people from other regions of the Country are gradually reflecting in the festivals and performing arts of Vadavalli. The increase in the representation of Malayalees has resulted in more Ayyappa Temples in the area and one temple of Sree Muthappan, a traditional deity of North Kerala, close to Ideal Homes.