Ideal Habitats Ideal Habitats

Providing comfortable living spaces, with maximum utilisation of space, at minimised price level



Creation of sufficient comfortable living spaces, in ideal residential areas, for stress-free living, maximising utilisation of space and with least impact on environment.



Making people realise their dreams with the least worry and concern about quality, beauty and durability, at the most affordable pricing possible, in ideal residential locations.


Prime Objectives

  • Preparing plans according to the conditions of the place and climate, in keeping with the customer's requirements
  • Keeping the cost of materials and work and impact on environment at minimal
  • Paying attention to every detail of work at every stage
  • Making the employees satisfied through proper compensation and other benefits, including recognitions and incentives
  • Controlling the workforce and supply chain to conform with the requisite progress of work for timely delivery of the product
  • Dealing fairly with every individual, institution, agency or organization in every interaction, whether profitable or not
  • Meeting the needs and safeguarding the interests of the customers, the society, the environment and all the stakeholders of the Company
  • Compensating for all the social and environmental impacts that the business activities directly or indirectly make
  • Contributing to the social and environmental well-being of the place, the people and the neighbouring communities
  • Enhancing commercial competitiveness in all aspects to stay head and shoulders above competition
  • Complying with all legal, administrative and civic regulations, including payment of tax, welfare of workers and relations with customers
  • Giving cent-per-cent satisfaction to the customers