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Safest investment in a market segment,
with demand growing and supply shrinking every day.

Advantages of Real estate Investment

Here below are some of the generally accepted advantages of investing in real estate:

  • It is safe to invest - Increase in value is guaranteed anywhere in the world, with minimal risk factors
  • You need not be an expert - When compared to investment in share market or other such areas far less proficiency and expertise is needed for such investment,
  • Borrowing is easier - Financial institutions generally charge less interest, give more money and require less paper work
  • You get tax benefits for depreciation - You get tax benefits for depreciation, while the value of your asset actually goes on increasing in the market.
  • Supply is limited so the demand increases - Financial growth and increase in population cause fast growth in demand, while the available area for development, remains almost stagnant.
  • Your kids can inherit your investment - Investment in real estate becomes more priced as generations pass away and, though you can do this in the case of your shareholdings also, very few companies remain at the top for very long time and most probably your investment will not benefit your children.
  • Consider the social benefits - Investing in making more residential facilities available to those who have no place to stay contributes to the overall welfare of the community

To conclude, a piece of real estate is a tangible asset that you can watch and make improvements at your leisure and feel a higher type of satisfaction that a profitable investment in the share market can never give you. Besides, consider how proud you will feel when you own a piece of real estate. It will boost your ego and make your wife and children proud, far more than owning a few shareholdings in some company with uncertain future prospects.