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The engineering and architectural associates of Ideal Homes is a creative team consisting of architects, interior designers and structural designers from Design Consortium. They have completed several highly-rated projects of different genera in Coimbatore and across the Nation and have notable achievements in the field of architectural, structural, interior, graphic and landscape designs. They try to understand the needs and limitations of their clients and do everything to optimise space and make designing more creative.

Ideal Homes

Ar. S. M. Syed Yaseen

The Architectural Design Team is headed by Ar. S. M. Syed Yaseen, B.Arch. [SAP, MADRAS], AIIA, Principal Architect of Design Consortium. He graduated with a B.Arch. from SAP, Chennai, in 1981 and became member of Council of Architecture in 1982 and associate member of Institute of Architects in 1983. He got fellowship in Institution of Valuers in 1992 and became a registered valuer in 2003. He also got associate membership of Indian Institute of Interior Designers, in 2003, and membership of Indian Plumbing Association, in 2008. He has got 33 years of top-notch experience in architectural work.

Ideal Homes

Er. K. Subash

The Structural Design Team is headed by Er. K. Subash, M.S., MIE. FIV. F. ACCE., M. ASCE., the Chief Engineer of Design Consortium. He got his graduation and post graduation in Civil Engineering from Govt College of Technology, Coimbatore. He has a creditable 33 years of experience in civil engineering consultancy practice. He is an active participant in the activities of the Construction Industry organisations and a founder member of ACCE (I), Coimbatore Centre. Presently he is the Chairman of the Centre, life member of Geo-Technical Society, organisation member of Consulting Engineers of India (CEAI) and also fellow member of the Institution of Valuers.